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Technical Information about Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Generator, Ultrasonic Transducers & Piezoceramics.

Ultrasonic Cleaners Technical Specification

An ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaner that uses ultrasonic sound waves to clean objects. Ultrasonic means having a high frequency. This frequency is too high for the human ear to detect. The ultrasonic sound waves excite the cleaning solution. When excited, the cleaning solution acts Read more →

Ultrasonic Generator Technical Specification

Ultrasonic cleaners contain ultrasonic generators. These generators convert voltage into ultrasonic signals. Our ultrasonic generator is multi-functional. We made it using the advanced technology of microcomputer control. Our generator is the best generator for ultrasonic cleaning.
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Ultrasonic Transducer Technical Specification

The purpose of most ultrasonic transducers is to convert electrical energy to acoustic energy, do something useful with the acoustic energy, and convert the acoustic energy back into electrical energy. The conversion of electrical energy to acoustic (and vice versa) is a function of the piezoelectric element. Read more →

Principles and Applications of Piezoceramics

Piezoelectricity is a type of electricity that occurs when materials possessing piezoelectric properties are exposed to pressure or stress. Examples of these materials are ceramics, also called piezoceramics , and crystals.

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Instrucitons on Using Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

You can clean you jewelry with ultrasonic jewelry cleaners thoroughly, without worrying about scratching the soft gemstones or the using of a brush into the crannies or nooks around the prongs or other complicated parts. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners is just designed for cleaning your jewelry, but not for all pieces of jewelry. You still should take care about the kinds of stones and pieces you want to clean. In order to keep you continue shopping in his or her store, the jewelry salespeople may provide free clean of your jewelry to you. However, they may not be aware of whether your jewelry is suitable to be cleaned through ultrasonic method. You should evaluate the safety of having the salespeople to clean your gems.

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Clean Brass with Ultrasonic Cleaners

Small sheets of brass can be cleaned up through the combination of common household cleaning products and an ultrasonic cleaner. High frequency vibrations can be created by the ultra sonic cleaning devices and delivered through the cleaning solution onto the target brass surfaces. The intensity of the vibrations is high enough to make the liquid penetrate deep into the gaps between the surfaces and clear the buildups away thoroughly. Even the most hard-cleaning surfaces on brass can be completely cleaned through the vibration in household cleaning solution in less than an hour.

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Applications of Piezoelectric Crystals

The Piezoelectric Effect

Some of the crystals are piezoelectric, for example quartz. An electric charge can be produced when these crystals are compressed or hit. And if an electric current is applied on these piezoelectric crystals, their shape can be altered accordingly. The piezoelectric property provides these special crystals possibilities for usages in many fields.

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How Does a Sonicator Work?

Electrical signal could be changed into physical vibration directed toward a target substance through sonication. Sonicators are important lab devices and applied in a variety of fields. Sonication is typically conducted to break apart compounds or cells for the purpose of further evaluation. The vibration exerts a strong impact on solutions, breaking apart the molecules and rupturing cells. A typical case is its usage in detecting DNA. The sonication could break apart the cells in which with DNA information in order to obtain the DNA proteins for examination.
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