In this modern era, many kinds of technology advancements we are seeing in the area of cleaning solutions. Even there are many ultra modern technologies in this field. Health, sanitation and eco – friendliness are now the burning questions when it is in the cleaning solutions. In many countries, scientists are researching on these facts

Laboratories are places where the ultrasonic cleaner is a necessity. This is because an ultrasonic cleaner will not only make it easy to keep the apparatus clean but will also save time and reduce the effort of doing so. However, there are some considerations that should be taken care of while using the ultrasonic cleaner

Lies No. 1: Ultrasonics result in the loosening of the solder joints and the item does not function properly because of that Flux is nothing but debris, which is created when computer manufacturers connect various parts to the circuit board. These manufacturers use an ultrasonic system for the cleaning purposes. This process is considered to