The medical industry is taking advantage of the many benefits of ultrasonic cleaning. It is used to clean medical items such as orthopedic implants, surgical instruments, surgical knives, lens, and hypodermic needles. In cleaning medical items, it is important that sterilization and decontamination are done. The ultrasonic cleaners of Beijing Ultrasonic are very much capable

Heat is very important in ultrasonic cleaning. It helps a lot in removing contaminants, thus making the cleaning faster and more effective. Also, many cleaning solutions clean best when the temperature is high. The best temperature for ultrasonic cleaning varies, depending on the type of cleaning that will be done and the type of cleaning

There are various formulations of ultrasonic cleaning solutions available in the market today. They are made from surfactants, various types of detergents, and substances that store energy and create reactions. Because there are different formulations of cleaning solutions, it is a must to carefully choose which cleaning solution to use. Choose a cleaning solution based

For effective ultrasonic cleaning, the temperature inside the ultrasonic cleaner should be high. There are two reasons for this. One reason is that most ultrasonic cleaning solutions are made to work best with high temperatures. The fact that heat is an effective remover of contaminants is the other reason. In ultrasonic cleaning, the temperature that

To be able to thoroughly clean items, the ultrasonic cleaning solution should always be capable of removing contaminants. But that does not mean that the cleaning solution should be fresh every cleaning session. The ultrasonic cleaning solution should be changed regularly in industrial cleaning. In cleaning medical and dental tools, the cleaning solution can be