Piezo Crystals Piezo crystals, special minerals with electromagnetic properties, can produce an electric field whenever they are mechanically deformed or subject to vibration, commonly known as piezoelectric effect. Besides, piezo cells have small, positively charged particles at their center. This small particle is forced to move and create a charge whenever force is exerted on

135KHz Ultrasonic Generator

Ultrasonic Generator is an indispensable part of the ultrasonic cleaning machine,The quality of the Ultrasonic Generator directly decided to the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning system. Digital Ultrasonic Generator are researched and developed independently by Beijing Ultrasonic. Main technical parameters of 135KHz Ultrasonic Generator size :300mm*360mm*160mm(L*W*H) Ultrasonic Power:300w–1200w Working voltage:200V-240V/50HZ, 100V-120V./60HZ Typical characteristics of such