How to cut and resize a piezoceramic sheet ? Several cutting devices may be used to cut piezoceramics. A razor blade may be used to a piezoceramic sheet. However, the cut sheet using razor blade will not have straight sides. If you want a nicely cut sheet of piezoceramics, use a special diamond saw. How

The path of thepiezoceramic actuator will be repeated at continuous cycle duration at the same two points each time. Hysteresis and creep effects will result non-repeatable motions if theendpoint or eithercycle time is changed.

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The stiffness of materials is explained through the young’s modulus which in elastic solids is a material property. During the elongation (Δ L) of a plate or rod of length (L) and cross section (A) due to force (F) the Young’s modulus can written as below: Y = (L/A)*(F/ΔL) In the equivalent spring constant of

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Piezoelectricity is a type of electricity that occurs when materials possessing piezoelectric properties are exposed to pressure or stress. Examples of these materials are ceramics, also called piezoceramics , and crystals. Piezoelectric Ceramics (piezoceramics), such as Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring, Piezoelectric Ceramic Disc, Piezoelectric Ceramic Tube, Piezoelectric Ceramic Ball/Hemisphere, Piezoelectric Ceramic Cylinder and Piezoelectric Ceramic Square/Rectangular.