Electricity Generation Through Crystals

The Piezoelectric Effect Some of the crystals are piezoelectric, for example quartz. An electric charge can be produced when these crystals are compressed or hit. And if an electric current is applied on these piezoelectric crystals, their shape can be altered accordingly. The piezoelectric property provides these special crystals possibilities for usages in many fields.

The piezoceramics should undergo high electric field for a sometime for the alignment of randomly oriented micro-dipoles in their proper formulation since the chemical composition is not simply responsible for the piezoelectric property of ceramics. This is called “poling” due to alignment resulted from application of high voltage. a “dislodging stress” is exerted on the

Piezoelectric effect happens when a material produces electric charge once mechanical stress is applied to it. The meaning of the word “piezo” is “to stress.” It is a Greek word. There are many materials that have piezoelectric property. Some of these materials are crystals, ceramics, and bones. Ceramics that can produce piezoelectricity are called piezoceramics.