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Ultrasonic Transducers | Ultrasound Transducers | Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducer : https://www.bjultrasonic.com/category/ultrasonic-transducer/ Ultrasonic Transducers are special instruments that have the ability to turn one energy type into another. A transducer is a vital component of sonography or ultrasonic imaging. In sonography, the camera is a transducer. When an electric charge is applied to the camera, the

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Ultrasonic Beauty Transducer

Specification of Ultrasonic Beauty Transducer Type Capacitance (pF) Frequency (MHz) Resistance (Q) BJB-1 P4 3300 1MHZ 10 BJB-3 P4 8000 3MHZ 4 BJB-5 P4 2100 5MHZ 4 BJB-33 P4 3200 33KHZ 15 BJB-40 P4 5400 40KHZ 16 BJB-80 P4 3800 80KHZ 15 BJB-28 P4 3800 28KHZ 15 Ultrasonic Beauty Transducer is used for beauty and