[Video] Ultrasonic Cavitation

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It’s very important to give proper care to the scuba gear since it’s what provides vital support to the diver. Every scuba gear has to undergo proper maintenance on all its parts ranging from Regulator first, second and alternate source second stages, dive computers, depth and temperature gauges and compasses every year to avoid unforeseen

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The technique is using a transducer inside in an aqueous solution to generate bubbles that would collapse around the part that is to be cleaned is called ultrasonic cleaning of cavitations. The contaminants are removed from the substrate surface by the scrubbing effect caused by these collapsing bubbles. The individuality of the aqueous solution utilized

An ultrasonic cleaner is a high quality cleaning device. It has an ultrasonic transducer that is positioned at the lower part of the cleaner’s tank. The transducer is attached to either the tank’s floor or wall.