The most significant part of an ultrasonic test is an ultrasonic transducer. For any ultrasonic application, the selection of the correct transducer is the most vital step. A number of factors that affect the results are the material properties, the instrument and conditions used for coupling and settings. Depending on the particular application it is

30KHz 100W Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducers for Cleaning

Ultrasonic transducers are used in many industrial and medical applications. Read on to know their main parts and how they work. Transducer Transducers are special instruments that have the ability to turn one energy type into another. A transducer is a vital component of sonography or ultrasonic imaging. In sonography, the camera is a transducer.

Piezoelectric Transducer

Ultrasonic transducers are needed to be able to use ultrasonic waves in taking measurements. Human ears cannot detect the sounds produced by ultrasonic waves because they have very high frequencies. The frequencies of these sounds are over the maximum frequency that humans can hear, which is 20kHz. Sound waves travel at various speeds, depending on