Immersible Ultrasonic Transducers can be used for all cleaning applications,both aqueous and semi-aqueous. Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers are designed to provide powerful, effective ultrasonic cleaning for the toughest industrial cleaning applications. In many cases,  customers already have a cleaning tank which can be used to save considerably. By purchasing the ultrasonic components, and installing them

Yes, the tank’s shape and material are important. The level of ultrasonic energy that can reach the cleaning bath and items greatly depends on the type of material that the tank is made of. Plastics and other soft materials absorb ultrasonic energy, thus preventing the energy from reaching the fluid and items. If these materials

Do the Type of Material and Shape of an Ultrasonic Tank Have Any Significance in Ultrasonic Cleaning? In choosing an ultrasonic cleaner, it is important to check the tank’s shape and the material it is made of. These two factors have an effect on the quality of cleaning that will be achieved. Between the two

Ultrasonic Cleaning FAQs

An ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaner that uses ultrasonic sound waves to clean objects. Ultrasonic means having a high frequency. This frequency is too high for the human ear to detect. The ultrasonic sound waves excite the cleaning solution. When excited, the cleaning solution acts upon and removes the impurities such as grease, dust particles,