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An ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaner that uses ultrasonic sound waves to clean objects. Ultrasonic means having a high frequency. Ultrasonic Cleaning is an environmentally-friendly and more efficient way of cleaning electronic parts, electroplating hardware, auto parts, optical lens, jewelry, glassware, filtration, the spinneret, medical equipment, Silicon wafer, electronic precision parts and so on.

Ultrasonic Cleaning becomes a hot topic these two years worldwide with one of the best ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer- Beijing Ultrasonic.

Egypt, officially the People’s officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a Middle Eastern country in North Africa. Egypt is geographically situated in Africa, with the Sinai Peninsula, east of the Suez Canal, connecting as a land bridge to Asia. Egypt borders Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, and Israel and the Gaza Strip to the northeast; on the north and the east are the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, respectively. Egypt is the sixteenth most populous country in the world.


Internet Usage Statistics: 16,636,000 Internet users as of December/09, 21.1% of the population, according to ITU.

Latest Population Estimate: 78,866,635 population for 2009, according to US Census Bureau.

Country Area: 1,001,450 sq km

Egypt Country Code: 20
Capital: Cairo
Language (most widely spoken): Arabic
Currency: Egyptian Pound
Currency Code: EGP

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