At what temperature does an ultrasonic cleaner run best

At what temperature does an ultrasonic cleaner run best

Heat is very important in ultrasonic cleaning. It helps a lot in removing contaminants, thus making the cleaning faster and more effective. Also, many cleaning solutions clean best when the temperature is high.

The best temperature for ultrasonic cleaning varies, depending on the type of cleaning that will be done and the type of cleaning fluid that will be used. In general, 50°C–65°C is the temperature range needed to properly clean items. In cleaning medical tools, the temperature should not be higher than 40°C. That is because very high temperature can make proteins stick even more to the tools. In industrial cleaning, higher temperatures are preferred. As high as 70°C can effectively clean items.

If plain water will be used as a cleaning fluid, the best temperature is normally 71°C. Cleaning solutions usually have a recommended cleaning temperature. Check the container of your cleaning solution to know the right temperature to use. Even if there is a particular maximum temperature at which your ultrasonic cleaner can run, it is best to follow the recommended temperature for your cleaning solution. Usually, cleaning solutions work best at the 82°C-88°C temperature range. But there are cleaning solutions that are not effective when the temperature is over 60°C. That is why it is really important to know the recommended cleaning temperature of the solution that you will use.

Always remember to perform cleaning tests to know the best temperature to clean your items. If you need more guidance regarding this matter, contact us right away.

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