How should I place the items inside the ultrasonic cleaner

How should I place the items inside the ultrasonic cleaner

The items should never be placed on the base of the tank. The base and the items could be damaged. The ultrasonic cleaning will easily wear down the tank’s base if it is in direct contact with the items. The radiating surface will also not be able to move correctly if there are items over it. Moreover, the ultrasonic waves will not be able to move freely. And so, using a tray is a must to prevent these things from happening.

Use a mesh tray that is made of stainless steel so the ultrasonic cleaning will still be very effective. You could also use a holder that is specially made for the item to be cleaned. Trays made of plastic or other soft materials should not be used because ultrasonic waves will not properly pass through them. In case you will clean items that are fragile, you should use a tray that is coated with Teflon.

There should be only one layer of items in the tray. Avoid putting items on top of other items because they will not be cleaned properly. The cleaning bath will not be able to properly reach all surfaces of the items if the items are stacked. Also, the items on the lower layer will get residues of the contaminants removed from the items on the upper layer.

Keep in mind that your warranty will be void if you use your ultrasonic cleaner without a tray.

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