Should I buy an ultrasonic cleaner with piezoelectric transducer or one with magnetostrictive transducer

piezoelectric transducer

Many people ask which is better between the two types of transducers. The reason why people ask this question is that each of the producers of the two transducer types is claiming that their transducer is better than the other type of transducer. Between the two transducer types, piezoelectric is more commonly used. The main reason for this is that it is cheaper than magnetostrictive transducer. In addition to that, piezoelectric transducers are very efficient and can easily adapt to various frequency ranges. They are also smaller than magnetostrictive transducers. But when it comes to stability, the two types of transducer are at par with each other. When the transducers are soldered to the cleaners with vacuum or silver solders, they can withstand heavy cleaning even more.

There is no way to know which transducer type produced an ultrasonic wave that is passing through a tank. But if the transducer in the cleaner is piezoelectric, it can work perfectly even when the frequency is changed rapidly. This characteristic of a piezoelectric transducer is the reason why it can create comprehensive ultrasonic waves that can effectively remove deep-rooted and seemingly hidden contaminants.

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