Why should my ultrasonic cleaner be degassed before I use it

Degassing is the removal of trapped gases and gas bubbles from the water or cleaning solution. It is very important in ultrasonic cleaning because favorable cavitation will only occur after the elimination of the trapped gases and gas bubbles.

Trapped gases enter cavitation bubbles causing the bubbles to not implode intensely. Gas bubbles reduce the intensity of the ultrasonic waves by taking in ultrasonic energy. When the trapped gases and gas bubbles have been eliminated, the cavitation bubbles become vacuum-filled. The vacuum-filled bubbles implode violently once waves with high pressure hit them. The energy caused by the implosion of the bubbles helps the cleaning bath in removing the contaminants from the objects.

To degas the cleaning bath, run the cleaner and increase the temperature before putting the items in the tank. The time needed to degas the bath depends on the quantity and hardness of the bath. In general, the time needed to completely degas the bath is between 10 and 30 minutes. If the cleaning bath is properly degassed, no bubbles will rise to the surface of the bath.

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