[Video] Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Instructions

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Instructions. https://www.bjultrasonic.com/category/ultrasonic-cleaning-system/digital-ultrasonic-cleaner/ Our Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners With Timer and Heater are widely used for cleaning Jewelry,Watches, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Coins, Watches Straps,Glasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lens Accessories. Dentures, Combs, Toothbrushes, Table Wares and so on.

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Features:
1.The whole ultrasonic cleaner machine is all stainless steel structure, aesthetic and practical.
2.Using High Q ultrasonic transducer. strong power.
3.High quality of the bonding process. Stick the ultrasonic transducer using the epoxy glue.
4.High efficient heater, Set up the independent digital vision and temperature control system of each trough and automatic temperature control heating device.
5.The time and Heating can be adjusted as required.

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