[Video] Electrolytic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning machine https://www.bjultrasonic.com/category/ultrasonic-cleaning-system/big-ultrasonic-cleaning-machine/ is composed of ultrasonic generator system, electrolysis circuit system, circulation and filtering system, a dedicated gold cleaning fluid and water-based rust inhibitor.

Electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning machine wash the system is transmitted to the metal surface gas sauna effect of dirt on the metal surface is removed, the impurities, but also can completely remove the resin component, moisture; stripped so that dirt floating up by ultrasonic vibration, a metal attached to the cathode, even quite a small corner of the dirt can be removed completely metal restore to original patina, restore the original metal of extraordinary beauty. Even a complicated shape can also remove dirt. Can completely really clean decontamination. Rust. One hour of time savings than manual cleaning. More environmentally friendly than the use of organic solvents safer. Greatly reduce the defect rate in the wash.

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