[Video] Toy Ultrasonic Cleaner

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners https://www.bjultrasonic.com/category/ultrasonic-cleaning-system/digital-ultrasonic-cleaner/ can be effectively used for cleaning, disinfecting, degreasing, descaling, stripping, burnishing, deflashing, removing rust,removing dust,removing oil, and so on.

Applied objectives:
PCB board, electric parts, electronic parts, TV parts,  Moulds, precision parts, pressing parts, camera parts, bearing, hardware tools, engine parts, gear box, shock absorber, auto nozzle, cylinder, valve, golf clubs, optical lens, eyeglass, sunglass, metal, gold, jewelry, diamond, watch band, watch cover, watch hand, polishing parts, SUS cutter, tableware, plating, injector, surgery tools, dropper, glass container, dental tools, medical tools, spinneret plate, rubber parts, plastic molds, toy, seal, flapper, coins, pottery, silver, gold products, bank card, IGBT

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