[Video] Ultrasonic Generator Circuit / PCB

Ultrasonic Generator Circuit / PCB | Ultrasonic Circuit Board https://www.bjultrasonic.com/category/ultrasonic-generator/ultrasonic-generator-circuits/ is a cost effective method to provide an ultrasonic frequency to drive the ultrasonic transducers to perform an ultrasonic cleaning application. Ultrasonic cleaners contain ultrasonic generators. These generators convert voltage into ultrasonic signals. Our ultrasonic generator is multi-functional. We made it using the advanced technology of microcomputer control. Our generator is the best generator for ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic Generator Features and Functions:
1. Frequency tracking is automatic. This means only the most suitable frequency is used to run the ultrasonic cleaner. This type of frequency tracking is made possible by digital frequency synthesis, which the microcomputer controls.
2. The ultrasonic generator has protection against overheating and excess current. The ultrasonic cleaner will not be damaged even if it is used for long hours.
3. It allows continuous adjustment of digital ultrasonic power. This means the cleaning can be done flexibly and efficiently.
4. It has an accurate timer. Under cleaning and over cleaning is prevented. Over cleaning an object can result to cavitation erosion.
5. It can accommodate other control devices via an external control connector.
6. It has the ability to display frequency.

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