[Video] Ultrasonic Horn for Ultrasonic Polishing Equipment

https://www.bjultrasonic.com/shop/ultrasonic-horn/ Manual polishing is a very tedious process, and in particular very small intricate detail work requires additional effort and patience. Ultrasonic polishing machines, available now for quite some time, have been improved in recent years to effectively replace certain time-consuming and costly small detail hand finishing work.

An ultrasonic horn is dwindling bar of metal which is, usually, used for enlarging amplitude of oscillation displacement in ultrasonic machining equipment .

By comparison to conventional die profilers, as well as air-powered lapping machines that may have a stroke length of up to ¼ inch, the reciprocating action of an ultrasonic unit ranges only from .00004 to .00012 inches. However, the extremely fast reciprocating tool motion of 21,000 and up to 25,000 strokes per second provides the extra productivity and gives the polisher complete fingertip control when finishing even the most intricate ridges, slots and details.

Ultrasonic systems usually consist of an electronic power module (110 or 220 volt) with a slender electric cord that powers the lightweight and easy to manipulate small, ultrasonic handpiece. Commonly, an automatic power feed system in the module adjusts the frequency required to accommodate the various individual abrasive tools that are installed for the finishing process. The systems are equipped with numerous clamps that will accommodate tools ranging from small diamond files to conventional type polishing stones and/or ceramic stones and laps.

As with all other power tools, great care and attention should be given when working with ultrasonic machines. Because of the ultra-fast motion, tools that are overly aggressive (especially coarse diamond files, etc.) should never be used. Surfaces that must be flawless can easily be scratched and made wavy or damaged.

On the other hand, dense/hard, fine grit ceramic or vitrified abrasive polishing stones or laps made of brass and cast iron when used with premium diamond compound, permit the beginner to acquire a better understanding of the fast cutting powers these ultrasonic systems offer. Note: Only the most experienced operator should use diamond files or diamond stones for ultrasonic polishing.

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