[Video] Ultrasonic Humidifier Transducer

Ultrasonic Humidifier Transducer | Ultrasonic Humidifier Circuit | Ultrasonic Atomization | Ultrasonic Atomizing Piezoelectric Transducer Circuit
An ultrasonic atomizer is a device that converts a normal stream of liquid into a very fine mist. It consists of a generator and a probe. The generator creates vibrations and focuses them at the tip of the probe. As the liquid flows through the probe, it is converted into fine particles. The ultrasonic atomizer is often used in manufacturing applications, such as coating fabrics, adding moisture to a gas stream and injecting small amounts of a liquid into a reactor.

The ultrasonic atomizer has a power supply that converts low-frequency electrical energy to high-frequency electrical energy. This electrical energy is then converted into mechanical vibrations by a piezoelectric transducer, which is typically made of ceramic. The vibration is sent back to the piezoelectric transducer after it has bounced off the tip of the probe. This increases the strength of the vibration and creates a pumping action that draws liquid toward the center of the probe.

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