What is the maximum level of frequency that a piezoceramic sheet can take ? In general, piezoceramic sheets have no frequency limit. If there is a limit, it depends on the vibration that is based on the size and shape of the piezoceramic material. A block of piezoceramic transducer that is almost three inches long

How to cut and resize a piezo ceramic sheet ? Several cutting devices may be used to cut piezo ceramics. A razor blade may be used to a piezo ceramic sheet. However, the cut sheet using razor blade will not have straight sides. If you want a nicely cut sheet of piezo ceramics, use a

Ultrasonic Reactor Biodiesel

Basics of Piezo Technology

Can magnetic technology be replaced by piezo technology ? Although piezo technology is widely used, it cannot fully replace magnetic technology. There are many instances where the objects in the system cannot be placed near each other. In order for it to work, piezo technology requires contact between the objects in the system. On the

We have ultrasonic cleaners that are capable of thoroughly cleaning items without using any kind of ultrasonic cleaning solution. Even if you only use water, your jewelry and accessories can be properly cleaned by our ultrasonic cleaners. The powerful ultrasonic waves can also clean lenses and glasses. Features of Our Ultrasonic Cleaners Jewelry and watch

Piezoelectricity Basics & FAQs

What causes piezoelectricity Piezoelectricity is formed when the only ion in the cage of atoms is deformed or put under electric field. There are atomic structures that contain a cage that has atoms. Among the many atoms in this cage, there is one ion that is semi-mobile. This ion has a stable state. However, the

Ultrasonic cleaning is being used in the automotive industry as a very efficient cleaning system. This cleaning system is not used to clean the whole car. It is used to thoroughly clean car parts such as bearings, pistons, fuel injectors, gears, and crank shafts. Parts of the car’s air conditioning system are also effectively cleaned

Regular cleaning of firearms is very important in order for them to be at the top condition always. Firearms accumulate dirt and grease whether they are used or not. The common contaminants of firearms are lead, gunpowder residue, oil, copper fouling, and carbon. If these contaminants are not removed, the firearms will not function properly

For hygienic reasons, it is a must for all dental and orthopedic items to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. Ultrasonic cleaning can do these. With ultrasonic cleaning, the contaminants are first targeted. Then, the item is cleaned, rinsed, and dried. After cleaning dental and orthopedic items, the items are buffed for further cleaning. This two-step

The medical industry is taking advantage of the many benefits of ultrasonic cleaning. It is used to clean medical items such as orthopedic implants, surgical instruments, surgical knives, lens, and hypodermic needles. In cleaning medical items, it is important that sterilization and decontamination are done. The ultrasonic cleaners of Beijing Ultrasonic are very much capable

Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in many industries. In the printing and publishing industry, it is the most preferred cleaning method. Ultrasonic cleaning process is capable of thoroughly cleaning all parts of the machines used in printing. An ultrasonic cleaning tank can contain several rolls at once. If the rolls are small, the tank can

What types of cleaning solution should I avoid using

Ultrasonic generator of an industrial ultrasonic cleaner is contained in a separate medium. This is to prevent overheating and damaging the items in the tank. Since an industrial ultrasonic cleaner uses high power, the generator’s temperature while the cleaning process is ongoing becomes very high. Also, because there is no generator where the tank is contained,

Why Should We Ultrasonic Cleaning

To clean objects, there are many cleaning methods to choose from. Among these methods, ultrasonic cleaning is the best. The three main reasons why it is best to choose ultrasonic cleaning are the following: Environment friendly Can clean creases and holes Uses automated tools There are many cleaning process that, although they can effective clean

An ultrasonic cleaner has several parts. Upon opening the cleaner’s lid, the first part that will be seen is the stainless steel tank. This is where the items that will be cleaned are placed. An ultrasonic cleaner also has transducers. These transducers, which are made of piezoceramic materials, are positioned either at the side or

Should continually replenished tanks or turbulated tanks be degassed

Degassing the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner is very important in order to have proper ultrasonic cleaning. But if the cleaner is always used and the tank is frequently replenished, the tank may not be degassed prior to using the cleaner. Just check that the ultrasonic power is at the right level. Ultrasonic Products We

Can the Cover of the Ultrasonic Cleaner be Removed While the Cleaning Process Is Ongoing ? It is not advisable to open the cover of the ultrasonic cleaner while the cleaner is running. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that it is not safe for the operator and other people

A running ultrasonic cleaner produces sound. Whether the lid is open or not, a sound that has a high pitch can be heard. The pitch of the sound fluctuates while degassing is ongoing. When degassing is done, the pitch becomes stable. When you open the lid of the ultrasonic cleaner while it is running, you

The answer to this question depends on the level of contamination of the cleaning bath. There are many types of filters and solution formulations to choose from. In order for us to tell you the right filter and solution formulation to use, we have to check the cleaning bath. Ultrasonic Products We Offer

An ultrasonic cleaner is capable of thoroughly cleaning objects. If an object has blind holes, the holes will be cleaned as long as the ultrasonic cleaning solution can reach them. An ultrasonic cleaner can also clean the top of an object if the cleaning solution can get in contact with it. Basically, all parts of

When the quality of ultrasonic cleaning has changed, there are several possible reasons for this. It can be due to a change in any of the cleaning parameters. It can also be due to a malfunctioning ultrasonic cleaner. Check the cleaning parameters first. Maybe a different temperature or ultrasonic cleaning solution was used. If there

Based on studies and researches made by experts, it has been determined that ultrasonic waves do not affect the human body in a negative way. Actually, ultrasonic waves are being used in the detection and treatment of diseases. Many people have been cured with the help of ultrasound. Ultrasonic Products We Offer

Objects should be near the ultrasonic power source, which is the transducer. However, they should not be too close in order to prevent them from getting damaged. The transducer and the tray have to be two inches apart. Moreover, the ultrasonic cleaning solution should not touch the ultrasonic cleaner’s top. There has to be a

Do the Type of Material and Shape of an Ultrasonic Tank Have Any Significance in Ultrasonic Cleaning? In choosing an ultrasonic cleaner, it is important to check the tank’s shape and the material it is made of. These two factors have an effect on the quality of cleaning that will be achieved. Between the two

In ultrasonic cleaning, it is very important that the ultrasonic cleaner is working properly. Using a malfunctioning cleaner is a waste of time and resources because the cleaning is inefficient. There are ways to know if an ultrasonic cleaner is not defective. Some of the ways can be done by just about anyone while others

To know if an ultrasonic cleaner is cavitating properly, a foil test can be done. To do a foil test, do the following steps: Pour ultrasonic cleaning solution into the tank of the cleaner. Turn on the cleaner and run it on high temperature. This is for the cleaning solution to be degassed. Cut a

Performing a microscope slide test is one way of knowing if an ultrasonic cleaner is cavitating right. To do this test, the following steps should be done: Fill the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner with ultrasonic cleaning solution. Pick one microscope slide. Dab the frosted part of the slide with a wet cloth. Mark the

It is very important to always observe the quality of cleaning achieved through ultrasonic cleaning. Do not assume that just because an ultrasonic cleaner was used to clean an item, the item is properly cleaned. There are instances when the quality of cleaning achieved is low. If the quality of cleaning has decreased, it can

Agitating the ultrasonic cleaning bath is okay. However, it depends on the kind of agitation done to the bath. If the agitation is extreme, the effect of the cleaning process is diminished. If the agitation is gentle, the cleaning becomes better. Contaminants are removed by the slow and gentle movement of the cleaning bath. Ultrasonic

It is okay to clean multiple items in one ultrasonic cleaning session. However, the items in the tank should not be too much. The tank should not be filled with items. That is because the items will be stacked. When items are stacked inside the tank, improper cleaning happens. Some surfaces are not cleaned because

Ultrasonic cleaning is generally a safe cleaning process. It is a gentle cleaning process that does not do any harm to any kind of items. Big and sturdy as well as delicate and tiny items can be cleaned through it. But even though the cleaning process itself is not damaging to items, the cleaning solution,

Unlike small items that can be positioned in any way inside an ultrasonic cleaner, large items have to be positioned in a certain way to be sure that proper cleaning will be done. Large items should be positioned diagonally in the cleaner’s tank to be sure that the flow of the ultrasonic cleaning solution is