­People take good care of their watches no matter how expensive they are. Some people treasure them even more after building an emotional connection with their watches which results in making their watches exceptional. And such people go to great lengths to keep their watches free from dust and to make sure that their watches

It is known that when you mix soap and water at a very high frequency, the end result is an extremely effective cleaning agent. Ultrasonic cleaning units are not just that but more. Gunsmiths, engineers, jewelers, doctors and other people who have to deal with the cleaning of delicate appliances and fine instruments commonly use

Laboratories are places where the ultrasonic cleaner is a necessity. This is because an ultrasonic cleaner will not only make it easy to keep the apparatus clean but will also save time and reduce the effort of doing so. However, there are some considerations that should be taken care of while using the ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners have revolutionized the way cleaning is done. There are so many people, groups and industries that have benefited and continue to benefit from this invention. However, there is absolutely no denying the fact that this discovery is most useful to the medical discipline. Dental, surgical, veterinary and ophthalmic disciplines have all benefited from

Coin collecting is an old traditional hobby enjoyable for many. Coin collectors can easily tell the most minor details about the coins such as the differences in the outlook of the money and how it has altered its appearance over the course of time. If you consider yourself to be a serious coin collector, ultrasonic

Nobody can understand the substantial investments made on shooting and fishing equipment, unless you are a sports devotee. But buying the equipment is not the end of story. If you have generously spent considerable amount of money on a rifle or fishing reel, its maintenance is a necessary. After using the equipment in the field

The technique is using a transducer inside in an aqueous solution to generate bubbles that would collapse around the part that is to be cleaned is called ultrasonic cleaning of cavitations. The contaminants are removed from the substrate surface by the scrubbing effect caused by these collapsing bubbles. The individuality of the aqueous solution utilized

Ultrasonic cleaning technique is an efficient one because of the fact that it sends sound waves through the water in an ultrasonic bath that ignites the cleaning process. A huge amount of minute bubbles or often known as cavitations at times, are formed and then collapsed because of those sound waves. This creates many small

1. Ultrasonics result in the loosening of the solder joints and the item does not function properly because of that Flux is nothing but debris, which is created when computer manufacturers connect various parts to the circuit board. These manufacturers use an ultrasonic system for the cleaning purposes. This process is considered to be pretty

Crystals and piezoelectric current

The curie’s simple experiment in the 19th century involving basic items like tinfoil, glue and a saw lead to the discovery of Piezoelectricity which unleashed the age of modern sensor technologies. The basic principle of mechanical stress inducing electric current was realized by two materials, namely crystals along with ceramics. 1. Ceramics and piezoelectric current

Difference Between Diesel and Biodiesel

Diesel and biodiesel are two carbon-based organic products, extracted from different sources. The former resulting from the cracking process of petroleum / crude oil, while the latter is known to be extracted from animal fats and plant oils. Diesel, although not so common as high-octane petrol these days, it is more adaptable to high-commodity diesel-engine


Biodiesel, much like the commonly known diesel fuel, is a renewable source of energy, extracted from vegetative sources such as microalgae and coconuts instead of petroleum and even animal fats etc. Although biodiesel can occur naturally under specific circumstances, these circumstances are rare and take years. A biodiesel reactor, much like its name; shortens the

Packed Bed Tubular Reactor

A cylinder that is crammed with metal, plastic or ceramic substances, which is used to enlarge the surface area of the inside of a vessel, can be achieved through packed-bed chemical procedure. If you are looking to enlarge the contact surface area between two segments of two or more chemical amalgams, you can rely on

Algae - Cheap Biodiesel Fuel

Even the Department of Energy cannot turn its eyes away from the fact that Algae can be used as an option for fuel with great effectiveness. According to studies, algae have the potential to generate thirty times more oil per acre if we compare it to soybeans and corn, the conventional types of bio-fuel crops.

Uses of Ultrasonic Waves

When we talk about ultrasound, it is actually a kind of sound energy that a normal human ear cannot hear. The frequency of ultrasound waves is 20000 hertz. Animals have the natural ability to use it when emitted as a wave in communal and navigational perspective. However, humans use ultrasound as well but not without

Electrosonic Cleaning

Do you find it irritating as well to clean small precious things that have very sensitive parts? Cleaning those sensitive parts is more frustrating as you wouldn’t want to damage that by using weighty cleaners or too much rubbing. There is an easy solution to all that, and that is Electrosonic cleaning. Electrosonic is a

Piezoelectric Transducers Schematic

Ultrasonic sensors are used in many applications. One of their most common applications is in robotics. That is because they are easy to interface and comprehend. Ultrasonic sensors contain ultrasonic transducers. A transducer can convert one energy form to another. The transducer is the reason why a sensor can emit a sonic pulse. An echo

30KHz 100W Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducers for Cleaning

Ultrasonic transducers are used in many industrial and medical applications. Read on to know their main parts and how they work. Transducer Transducers are special instruments that have the ability to turn one energy type into another. A transducer is a vital component of sonography or ultrasonic imaging. In sonography, the camera is a transducer.

An ultrasonic cleaner is a high quality cleaning device. It has an ultrasonic transducer that is positioned at the lower part of the cleaner’s tank. The transducer is attached to either the tank’s floor or wall. A transducer is a type of material that converts one type of energy into another energy type. It becomes

Ultrasonic cleaners are devices that are used to clean various types of items. They are safe to use and they can clean items in a small amount of time. They are usually used in cleaning fragile items such as watches, jewelry, dental instruments, and small electronic parts. Medical institutions such as hospitals, laboratories, and clinics

Ultrasonic cleaners are cost-effective cleaners. They are superior yet very affordable cleaners. These cleaners are available in various sizes and designs. Some have digital timers while some have manual timers. Ultrasonic cleaners are easy to care for. Below are instructions on how to keep them in good condition. Tips On Maintaining Your Ultrasonic Cleaner As

ultrasonic atomizing transducer

An ultrasonic water atomizer contains an ultrasonic transducer. It is the transducer put in the liquid that produces the sonic vibration. When the liquid vibrates, the water’s surface becomes agitated. This creates droplets which move upward toward the screen. Upon hitting the screen, the droplets are converted into much smaller droplets and then scattered into

0.6L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer

Ultrasonic cleaners make use of ultrasonic waves to clean. They are used in sterilizing and cleaning delicate items, like dental instruments and jewelry. With the help of the ultrasonic waves, the items are cleaned thoroughly in a short amount of time. Using an ultrasonic cleaner is easy. If you have this type of cleaner, follow

Ultrasonic transducers or ultrasonic sensors are a type of acoustic sensor divided into three broad categories: transmitters, receivers and transceivers. (Wikipedia) Ultrasonic transducers are needed to be able to use ultrasonic waves in taking measurements. Human ears cannot detect the sounds produced by ultrasonic waves because they have very high frequencies. The frequencies of these

Piezoelectric effect happens when a material produces electric charge once mechanical stress is applied to it. The meaning of the word “piezo” is “to stress.” It is a Greek word. There are many materials that have piezoelectric property. Some of these materials are crystals, ceramics, and bones. Ceramics that can produce piezoelectricity are called piezoceramics.

Piezoelectricity is a type of electricity that occurs when materials possessing piezoelectric properties are exposed to pressure or stress. Examples of these materials are ceramics, also called piezoceramics , and crystals. When force is applied to such materials, a voltage is generated. In many industries, electronic devices possessing piezoelectric properties are very important. They act

Piezoelectric materials are special materials. When stress is applied to them, they produce electric voltage. Piezoelectric materials are commonly in the form of ceramics ( piezoceramics ) and crystals. They are used in many ways. In daily life, they are used as igniters in gas grills, gas stoves, and cigarette lighters. They are also used for sound