Ultrasonic Jewelry Eyeglass Cleaner

Want to know how the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner works? A tub with a removable basket or tray and a motor compose an ultrasonic cleaner. Basket holds the jewelry in the tub with the cleaning solution. Plug the cleaner into a standard wall outlet. Run the motor, creating ultrasonic waves in the tub. Run the cleaner

Dust can be removed from your records as long as you use high frequency sound to agitate the water. However, do you know how to clean vinyl records with an ultrasonic cleaner? Fill ultrasonic cleaner in the tank of your cleaner to partially immerse a record without getting the label wet. Use pure distilled water

It is generally known that ultrasonic cleaners can remove rust, paint and oil from metal surfaces. Want to know more details? How to remove dust with an ultrasonic cleaner? Pour water into the ultrasonic cleaner tank. Remove the inner parts basket. Apply suitable cleaning solution to the water. Different material needs different solution. Run the

Ultrasonic humidifier can replace moisture in the air in room to offer comfortable environment. However, what if the ultrasonic humidifier breaks down? Can we repair it? How the humidifier works. It creates pressure waves in the water that are gradually released into the air by using a membrane. The pressure waves are strong enough that

Ultrasonic speakers, producing sounds above 20 kHz, are designed for specialized purposes. For instance, we can create a simple ultrasonic speaker by combining it with a few other crucial components. Measure the mounts on the tweeter horns to create the mounting for the tweeters. Create a square frame of appropriate dimensions. Use screws to mount

There are many benefits provided by Ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers. They both help to maintain the elasticity of wooden furniture, provide humidity for houseplants and human beings, relieve dry winter skin, improve the quality of air and decrease static electricity during the colder months. Especially, they both provide help for easy breathing to those person

A sonicator can be utilized to break up, disperse and sheer target material samples through its focused ultrasonic frequencies. It plays a great role in chemical, biological, industrial and environmental fields. Focused sound waves are produced by the sonicator unit, these waves reverberate in the chamber and increase the vibration strength of target materials, breaking

Sonication has already been widely used in tearing open cells in molecular, collular, cellular, microbiology and other laboratories. The chemical composition of the cells or their buffer remains unchanged during the sonification process, and the cells’ charge does not alter as it does in electroporation process. Sonication is quite a simple method, and only a

Although the chemical reactions in bio-diesel production process in home are relatively straightforward, things still may go wrong in some cases. In order to rescue a batch and avoid the occurrence of the similar problems or rescue a batch in time, you should try to understand the possible reason why a bio-diesel fails.

Measuring Distance with Sound Waves

Tape measure is not essential to measure the distance between two locations. You can actually determine the distance using sound now. The traveling speed of sound waves in a gassy medium (such as air) is predictable and related to the temperature of the medium. Based on the calculated traveling velocity of the sound wave, you