In this society, more and more people are enjoying keeping unique pets, such as reptiles and amphibians. These lovely pets are usually kept in enclosures called terrariums–an enclosed habitat containing usually some plants, rocks, gravel and so on. Many of these pets and plants should live in an moist environment, for example, many kinds of

How to Clean Ultrasonic Humidifiers

There are many advantages for ultrasonic humidifiers over traditional humidifiers, such as their actually silent working noise level, low power consumption and the needless of filters. However, like many other types of humidifier, appropriate device cleaning and maintenance are still of great necessary for preserving their efficiency and service life.

Pros and Cons of Infrared Detectors

Pros and Cons of Infrared Detectors

Not all area of the light spectrum can be seen by human eyes. As a modern technology, infrared detectors are widely used to pick up some of the area that we can’t see with naked eyes. Infrared detectors are now used in many fields, for example, they have been successfully applied in construction, public service

You can clean you jewelry with ultrasonic jewelry cleaners thoroughly, without worrying about scratching the soft gemstones or the using of a brush into the crannies or nooks around the prongs or other complicated parts. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners is just designed for cleaning your jewelry, but not for all pieces of jewelry. You still should

Small sheets of brass can be cleaned up through the combination of common household cleaning products and an ultrasonic cleaner. High frequency vibrations can be created by the ultra sonic cleaning devices and delivered through the cleaning solution onto the target brass surfaces. The intensity of the vibrations is high enough to make the liquid

Electricity Generation Through Crystals

The Piezoelectric Effect Some of the crystals are piezoelectric, for example quartz. An electric charge can be produced when these crystals are compressed or hit. And if an electric current is applied on these piezoelectric crystals, their shape can be altered accordingly. The piezoelectric property provides these special crystals possibilities for usages in many fields.

How Does a Sonicator Work

Electrical signal could be changed into physical vibration directed toward a target substance through sonication. Sonicators are important lab devices and applied in a variety of fields. Sonication is typically conducted to break apart compounds or cells for the purpose of further evaluation. The vibration exerts a strong impact on solutions, breaking apart the molecules

Electricity Generation Through Crystals

Crystals can be used for electricity through the method of piezoelectric (mechanical energy discharge), of which quartz is a typical example. When the crystal is fixed and subjected to direct force by a permanent magnet, a certain amount of electricity can be released and detected. The piezoelectric method is widely applied in cigarette lighters and

Ultrasonic cleaners (Wikipedia) make use of ultrasonic waves to clean many different types of objects. With the help of the ultrasonic waves, the items are cleaned thoroughly in a short amount of time. Some items require delicate handling and careful cleaning and ultrasonic cleaners are perfect for this job. These cleaners function by agitating water

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners nowadays have become one of the most important methods for cleaning delicate items. (Read more: The Principles of Ultrasonic Cleaning ) They are helpful in many ways in the present situation of the world. They are primarily used for protecting the surgical items and jewelries. (Read more: Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications ) They